If you need to organize your event and you don’t know what food to offer your guests, the catering services will elaborate different options to enjoy and relax without having to worry about feeding the attendees. They are an excellent suggestion to organize any kind of event: business meetings, educational meetings, congresses, openings, etc.

The catering service consists of preparing and providing food and drink for any kind of event in a place far from the production centre. The intention is that the guests are delighted with gourmet, healthy and varied food so that they live the best culinary experience.

Types of catering: formal or informal

Your catering options will depend on the type of event but also on your budget. Here are a few to help you choose the one that meets your needs.

  • Banquet catering. This is a complete meal service that includes a starter, main course, dessert and beverage. The food is served at each table. It is a service that requires waiters, ample space, furniture, food preparation area, etc.
  • Cocktail snack service. It is a simple and affordable service that does not require many chairs and tables, as guests usually eat standing up.
  • Food stations. They are very popular for organizing receptions. The guests choose the snacks they prefer among tables of cheese, sweets, salty snacks, fruit, among others. This creative option is acceptable for themed events.
  • Buffet. A formal alternative where the food is diverse and abundant in salty or sweet options, hot or cold, meats or vegetables, etc. The diner selects what he/she wants to eat and the amount he/she wants to consume is served. In this type of service, the special needs of the guests are attended to.
  • Brunch. In this option, the food is served on disposable trays or boxes during the break from meetings, congresses or seminars. It is a practical way to meet the time designated for each activity.
  • Coffee break. Ideal for short breaks between meetings. The drink par excellence is coffee and the menu is small sweet and salty snacks that can be eaten easily and without the need to sit at a table.
  • Vernissage catering. Also known as opening cocktail or welcome. It is suitable to receive the spectators during the opening of a cultural event.
  • Cáterin vino de honor. This option is intended to thank the attendees for their presence at a conference, meeting, presentation, etc.

What does the catering service include?

Catering services are organized following the client’s instructions regarding the menu, number of guests, type of service, special needs, budget, delivery time, and all the logistics of the event.

There are catering services that cover all the needs of the event such as music, furniture, decoration, service personnel, gardening, etc. so that they are in charge of organizing the event in the place where it takes place. On the other hand, there are other catering services that subcontract the service personnel, rent the furniture, decoration, among other aspects. There are also places that organize the events and offer the associated catering service with which the menu possibilities are varied and creative.

Food with creativity and style

The current trend in catering services allows you to choose the one that best suits the design of the event. The elaboration and presentation of the food in themed menus that define a culinary style allows to personalize the kind of food to be served.

Special needs, such as food for coeliacs, low-fat, sugar-free, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, etc. are important details in designing the food service, so that no diner is left unattended.

In this tour we show you the catering options so you can start organizing your event. If you need to organize an event in Montreal, visit reuniondsens.ca. Réunion D Sens has theme rooms and offers you the associated catering service to make your menus the center of attention for your guests.