Throughout history, human beings have been characterized by coming together for common causes. Irrespective of culture, we human beings need to share society and thus to progress. We share victories with those close to us, celebrate life, gather with those who share our philosophy, etc. and we need favourable spaces for these encounters.

There are currently all kinds of meeting spaces, each with its own characteristics and proposals, as more and more event organisers are looking for spectacular spaces to create great impressions in their guests. A few decades ago, it was very difficult to find a rental room to organize an event, most of them were in clubs that limited its use to their members or in hotels that raised prices excessively. Nowadays, there are many offers for renting rooms to organize an event or business meeting, and they are more and more in demand because they have been placed as the best alternative in spaces to publicize a company’s proposals, to host corporate meetings or company parties.

A space that awakens sensations

The organization of events is a service that is in great demand both by end clients (in the case of weddings, birthdays, etc.) and by companies that wish to have a team capable of preparing professional events. In recent years, the subject of event organisation has become more professional, which has considerably increased the options for the service.

The most important part of organising an event is to look for a room to rent for receptions, as the size of the venue must be taken into account, it must be adapted to the purpose of the event that is being organised and it must have technological equipment at the service of the guests.

If you are organizing a corporate event, you must think carefully about the atmosphere of the reception room you are renting, since the visual and emotional image that your company will convey depends on it, as well as the bond that you will create with your guests.

The setting is important not only for business events, but also for receptions with friends and family, whether it is for a birthday, wedding or graduation, because it reflects the personality of the hosts and is the differentiating point that makes an event unforgettable.

If you are about to organize an event and are looking for a unique reception hall, Réunion D Sens has the ideal proposal for you.

Réunion D Sens has two multi-sensorial thematic rooms. The first of them is designed as a library and is ideal for business meetings, as it offers an environment that allows concentration and stimulates creativity. The light of this room, the silence and the characteristic smell of a library will allow you to obtain the best results during a corporate meeting.

The other room offered by Réunion D Sens can accommodate up to 120 people and offers an atmosphere reminiscent of nature. It is a courtyard where the smell of grass is perceived and the song of birds is heard. This room is ideal for celebrating with family or friends, but also for a meeting with employees, for a party or to launch a new company product, because the atmosphere makes each event something very special, which has an impact on each guest and the event becomes a real success.