A conference room is a space reserved for an oral presentation to an audience on a specific topic or for a meeting of representatives of a given group to discuss important issues within their competence. If you need to organize an event of this size and are looking for a conference room for rent in Montreal, this is an excellent opportunity to impress your guests in an innovative meeting space.


Characteristics of a conference room

Each conference room has its own technical requirements, and each event needs an adequate space according to the needs of the guests; however, there are certain requirements that each conference room must guarantee in order for a meeting to be held in the most normal way and without any kind of inconvenience.

  • Good acoustics
  • Quality of the Wifi connection
  • Good optics for the spectators
  • Adequate and high quality lighting
  • Sound and projection equipment
  • With state-of-the-art technology
  • Furniture for the exhibitor
  • Furniture for the spectator

Other important elements of a conference room include electrical accessibility for end users, high definition video conferencing, calendar integration, wireless screen sharing and easy access to a consistent set of collaboration tools.

However, with the growth and evolution of technology, a conference room must not simply meet these requirements. However, more than technological diversity, a conference room must offer innovative and creative spaces.

The importance of space

The purpose of a meeting is to bring several people together in one place so that they can interact, communicate with each other and share valuable information or generate innovative ideas; however, for this to happen smoothly and efficiently, it is essential to bring them together in an appropriate and stimulating space. But what if, in addition to being appropriate, this space provides an environment conducive to creativity. A conference room for rent in Montreal offers creative spaces.

While it is important that a conference room meets technical requirements and has basic equipment, comfortable seating, proper lighting and high-performance audiovisual equipment, this space plays a very important role in the organization of events or meetings.

The space must facilitate the development of the event, bring something to the meeting or event and offer added value. In some cases, this added value is sensory stimulation.

Sensory stimulation in conference rooms

It has already been said that an important part of a good meeting is the place where it is held. But if this place, in addition to having the basic resources, offers added value through multi-sensory stimulation, meetings will become an unforgettable experience.

Do you need to rent a conference room in Montreal? Read on and discover the role of multi-sensory stimulation.

Today, guests at a conference or meeting are exposed to multiple distractions, forcing organizers and speakers to find ways to actively engage participants in order to draw attention to the meeting.

Keep in mind that young people tend to be more easily bored or less attentive, especially when it comes to meetings with standard formats. People now demand much more participatory and fun meetings where they can interact, generate valuable content and communicate with each other or with the organizers and speakers.

There are certainly many technological solutions that make meetings much more interactive and participatory. But in addition to technology, an effective way to capture the attention of guests and create enriching experiences is multi-sensory stimulation.

Multi-sensory spaces are designed to help guests interact and communicate in an environment that promotes concentration, creativity, follow-up, motivation and relaxation.

Meetings as experiences

The secret of a successful conference or meeting is to generate meaningful experiences that leave an indelible memory and bring added value to the participants. Meeting rooms should play an important role in creating an atmosphere conducive to this exchange of knowledge and information.

Convention centres, conference rooms or meeting spaces should stimulate guests in creative spaces so that the event becomes an enriching experience and succeeds in focusing the attention of the guests.

Today, a conference room for rent in Montreal must bring all its technology and experience in using rooms and advise the client on different formats and configurations to help the hosts achieve their goals, while generating a powerful experience for the participants.

Impress your guests in a multi-sensory space

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